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Urology is the field of medicine which deals with the diseases of the urinary and reproductive tracts in men. At My Clinic Riga patients can count on the help of the best urologists, who use high-definition endoscope in their practice for the most precise surgical treatments. Our doctors treat various types of reproductive organs dysfunctions, infections and other disorders within genitourinary system. Beside that, our doctors perform vasectomy which is most effective method of male sterilization.

When do you need to see and urologist?

Urology is a part of health care which deals with both male and female problems though it is men in particular, who visit urologist more often. Urologist makes diagnosis and treat patients also with the help of surgery if needed. You need to see an urologist if you feel pressure in the bladder, pain or burning urination. If you have noticed blood in urine or lumps in your testicles - those are the signals which shouldn't be ignored. Urologist can also implement special treatment in case of erectile dysfunction or pain during intercourse. Among the most frequently solved problems:

Changes in semen analysis Changes in semen analysis
Absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate Absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate
Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction
Vasectomy - an effective method of contraception Vasectomy - an effective method of contraception
Circumcision (circumcision) - the release of the glans penis from the foreskin Circumcision (circumcision) - the release of the glans penis from the foreskin

men Those are the most popular urological diseases or disorders among men:

  • male infertility - abnormalities found by semen analysis,
  • urinary tract infections,
  • external reproductive organs disorders, such as phimosis, hydrocele testis, cryptorchidism of testicles,
  • varicocele,
  • erectile dysfunction – impotence,
  • premature ejaculation,
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia,
  • kidney, urinary tract, or testicles cancer.

women The most common urological problems in women are:

  • urinary tract infections,
  • urinary incontinence.

TESA and male infertility

TESA (testicular sperm aspiration) - is the method used in in vitro treatment. This procedure enables extracting of viable sperm cells directly from the testicles. Retrieved reproductive cells can be used for future in vitro fertilization. TESA is a chance of having biological children for men struggling with azoospermia, the desease which is marked by a total lack of sperm in the semen. TESA procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Fertility preservation - semen freezing

Sometimes incident, injury or oncological disease make it impossible for man to fulfil his dream of becoming a father. Most often, this method is used for medical reasons: fertility preservation in case of oncological diseases, operations on the male genitourinary system, including sex reassignment surgery, vasectomy. But social reasons are also becoming more and more popular: the absence of a partner, artificial fertilization (to save time, the presence of a man is not required in a long process), because of the profession - a sailor, pilot, military service or other occupation associated with a long absence.

But at My Clinic Riga patients can preserve their fertility and freeze semen for the future. It will be safely kept and stored at the clinic for many years, in a special conditions at a constant temperature of -196 °C. In the right moment couple have a chance of using preserved sperm by having in vitro treatment or insemination.

Varicocele – removal

Varicocele is an enlargement of the veins which are responsible for blood transportantion from the scrotum. Backward blood flow leads to blood congestion and testicles overheating. That condition unfortunately may cause infertility. At My Clinic Riga treat that condition also with low invasive method - laparascopic varicocelectomy, which helps to block the enlarged veins from draining. Varicocele may appear on one or both sides but most often it can be found on left side.

Vasectomy – male contraception

Vasectomy is most effective method of male contraception. It serves to those men who do not want to have more or any children. That surgical procedure aims to prevent sperm entrance through cut and tie of male vasa. At My Clinic Riga we use most advanced method of performing vasectomy under local anaesthesia without using a scalpel. Although vasectomy reversals are possible but it may be complicated and expensive process which may still be unsuccessful that is why vasectomy should be very well considered. In order to check if the vasectomy was done correctly and is effective, the semen analysis can be done.

Circumsision - for medical or religious reasons.

Circumsision is safe surgical method, which is one of the most popular procedures among men around the world. Beside being performed for medical reasons in some countries it is done with religious purpose. At My Clinic Riga we execute that procedure under local anaesthetic. Circumsision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head (glans) of the penis. The circumsision can be done by different methods depending on clinical indications or patient's preferences. Every method differs from other by location of the zone and the amount of the foreskin which is cut. Postoperative scar location and its visibility also depend on the method of the procedure.

Urology – price

At My Clinic Riga the cost of the consultation with the urologist is 55 Euro including the collection of medical history, palpation examination, development of a treatment plan for the patient. If necessary, an ultrasound examination is carried out, the price of which is 25.00 euros.

To learn more on the details of cost of the treatments as: TESA, vasectomy, circumsision, varicocele removal, semen freezing, please, visit our official price list.

Check detailed price list of My Clinic Riga Check detailed price list of My Clinic Riga

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