Hysteroscopy - very accurate and minimally invasive examination of the uterus

Hysteroscopy - very accurate and minimally invasive examination of the uterus

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Hysteroscopy /hysteroresectoscopy is a modern diagnostic and operative method which enables comprehensive check of uterus but also allows us to remove abnormal vaginal fibroids or polyps. It is performed for infertility treatment, menstrual bleeding irregularities and in case of recurrent miscarriages. At My Clinic Riga hysteroscopy procedure is performed by experienced surgical gynaecologists. Most advanced endoscopic equipment is at their disposal, which enables extremely precise execution of hysteroscopy /hysteroresectoscopy acoording to the best world standards.

What does hysterscopy stand for?

Hysteroscopy (HS) is a procedure which is carried out at the outpatient unit of the clinic and it doesn't require general anaesthesia. During the HS narrow and hard telescope (hysteroscope) with small diameter (2,4 mm) inserted into the vagina through cervical canal, it is connected to video system of the screen which shows uterus and cervical canal structure. Uterus is filled with a solution of normal saline to expand and visualize the inner walls of the uterus. The procedure takes 5-10 minutes and doesn't require any drugs and the say of surgery, woman can return to normal activities (leave from work is not trquired).

Surgical hysteroscopy or hysteroresectoscopy (HRS) is performed with the help of biopolar resectoscope which is much wilder than stiff hysteroscope. This procedure required widening of cervical canal, that is why it is performed in operation room with intravenous anesthesia. During the surgery uterus is expanded with solution of normal saline, this process is controlled by pressure controlled fluid infusion pump called Endomat. All the pathological changes and tissues in the structure of uterus walls are removed with the help of hysteroresectoscope connected to electrocoagulation. This treatment lasts 15-30 minutes but in case of larger changes or in case of specific anatomic traits the surgery may take longer.

What are the indications for diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy?

Diagnostic hysteroscopy stands for accurate examination of various types of abnormalities inside the uterus, especially if anythung suspicious was found during ultrasound check.

  • take a closer look at the changes inside the endometrial linning,
  • define the causes of uterine bleeding,
  • take a sample of the tissues for the hystopathological analyze, particularly in case of diagnostics of uterine neoplasms.

Hysteroresectoscopy is surgical procedure which serves for the treatment of various types of pathologies of interior of the uterine cavity with the help of resectoscope. It is used especialy in cases as:

  • removal of endometrial or cervix polyps,
  • removal of submucosal fibroids,
  • endometrial ablation,
  • resection of uterine septum,
  • removal of uterine adhesions,
  • removal of the intrauterine insert if there is no other way to remove it .

Hysteroresectoscopy - how to prepare?

Patient before HRS receive from MY Clinic Riga detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. Hysteroresectoscopy is performed mainly in the first phase of cycle, when the menstrual bleeding stopped. Usually it is performed with general anesthesia, so that patient doesn't feel any discomfort or pain.

Required tests before hysteroresectoscopy:

Blood morphology, APTL, Prothrombin time (INR),
Blood type, Rh group, Anti-erythrocyte antibodies,
Bilirubin, ALT, ASAT,
Urea, Creatinine, Glucose for people BMI >25 (fasting blood test),
Anti-HIV ½ Ag, HBsAg, Anti-HCV,
COVID-19 (valid for 72h), Urine strip test,

Recommendations before the hysteroscopy

On the day of the treatment it is recommended to come to the clinic in the morning at the planned hour. Patient should be on empty stomach , no food, no drinks from the morning. . Diagnostic procedure takes 5-10 minutes , surgical one takes 15-30 minutes, in case of more complacted cases, the procedure may take longer.

Well-being after hysteroresectoscopy

After waking up after anaesthesia patients have some rest at the clinic, until patient will feel good enough and the effects of anaesthesia disappear. After two hours patient usually feeling well and can go back home. We recommend to have accompanying person for safety reasons. The most common symptoms after diagnostic procedure is mild cramping or pain, delicate bleeding which may last for 3 days. Those symptoms usually disappear during one week. In most cases after the hysteroscopy additional treatment is not required but painkillers can be used if needed. Usually patient can come back to normal life on the day of the surgery or the next day.

Hysteroscopy, Hysteroresectoscopy - Price

The cost of diagnostic hysteroscopy at My Clinic Riga is 400 EUR. The cost of hysteroscopy which also covers removal of changes is from 500 EUR to 800 EUR, including general anaesthesia and short stay at Day Care unit of the clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions

  • 1

    When having sex after hysteroscopy is possible?

    In case of diagnostic hysteroscopy, it is recommended to refrain from sex 24 hours after the surgery or until bleeding stops. Spotting may last up to 7 days. Load more

  • 2

    Is it possible to get pregnant after operative hysteroscopy?

    Hysteroscopy enables to diagnose and remove abnormalities inside the uterus, which affect getting pregnant, such as endometrial polyps, uterine septum, intrauterine adhesions, and uterine fibroids. Load more

  • 3

    When the hysteroscopy results are ready to collect?

    If, after hysteroscopy, the tissue sample was taken to the laboratory for histopathological examination, patient has to wait for about 30 days to receive the result. Load more

  • 4

    What are the contraindications for hysteroscopy?

    One of the most important contraindications to the hysteroscopy procedure is properly developing pregnancy. Load more