Semen analysis - fertility test for men

There is only one reliable fertility test for men exists - semen analysis. Labaratory analysis stands for checking general sperm parametres, morphology, which is size and shape of semen. At My Clinic Riga you can undergo this procedure.

How semen analysis looks like?

Before leaving your semen sample

Man should appear at the clinic 10 minutes before scheduled time having ID or passport with him. You will be then asked to fill the required forms, regarding the test and information which are necessary to perform the test. After you complete the forms, you will be invited to a room specially designed for sperm collection.

Giving a semen sample

Man gives his semen sample through masturbation to the sterile medical cup which he gets at the clinic. Clinic is equipped with intimate isolated room, where you may find magazines and video of erotic content.

Laboratory analyze

Semen sample is then analyzed by diagnostic labaratory for an hour and therefore is not exposed to negative external conditions.

Detailed test result

Patient during one day gets the result of the test, from which he can understand if his semen is within norms appointed by WHO. The results can be discussed with doctor if needed.

Which parametres particularly are being checked?

General semen analysis estimate the factors which determine male chances for natural conception with female partner.

Semen analysis

In diagnostic labaratory we check:

  • total amount of sperm in semen,
  • sperm concentration in 1 ml of ejaculate,
  • life span of sperm,
  • motility of sperm,
  • agglutionation,
  • macroscopic parametres ( appearance, volume, viscosity, pH and luquidity),
  • sperm morphology.

At My Clinic Riga we also perform additional tests of sperm:

  • Dna fragmentation test of semen

    – verifies the percentage of damaged DNA in sperm.

  • HBA test of semen

    – checks percentage of motile sperm, which are mature and able to fertilize the egg.

dividual treatment Individual treatment mode

You undergoinf only those tests which you really need, without packages or hidden costs.

How to prepare for the semen test?

We recommend to keep sexual abstinence 3-5 days before the test, we recommend to keep abstinence close to normal style of life. semenAnalysis_3
Do not do the semen test during the antibiotic therapy and just after. semenAnalysis_2

Sperm analysis in Riga – price

W My Clinic Riga można wykonać wybrane badanie nasienia pojedynczo lub w pakiecie:

  • Basic semen test, including MAR test 35 EUR
  • HBA test of sperm 55 EUR

Please, feel free to learn more on cost of tests, consultations and procedures at our clinic.

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Semen analysis – Riga
Semen analysis | My Clinic Riga
Semen analysis – seminogram, spermiogram – My Clinic Riga
Semen analysis | Riga
Semen analysis - My Clinic Riga
Semen analysis – seminogram, spermiogram | My Clinic Riga

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions

  • 1

    What is the perfect moment to analyze semen?

    Semen test may be performed preventively by all men to test their fertility, but it should be performed especially when a couple regularly try to have a baby without any results. Load more

  • 2

    What are the right results of semen test?

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the right semen concentration contains at least 15 mln sperm cells in 1 ml of semen. Load more

  • 3

    Is it possible to bring the semen sample to the clinic from home?

    In exceptional cases, the material may be brought to the clinic from home. The man should collect his semen into a sterile container, purchased at the pharmacy. Then it must be delivered to the clinic within 30 minutes. During this time, it is very important that the material maintains body temperature. Load more

  • 4

    Do the bad results of semen test mean infertility?

    The result of semen test which is outside of normal range doesn’t necessarily indicate that man is infertile. There are some semen disorders, which may affect man’s fertility in some degree. Load more