Infertility clinic - First consultation

The first consultation at an infertility treatment centre is an important step for anyone trying for a baby. During the consultation, the practitioner can assess patients' medical issues and general health, which lets them put a detailed diagnostic plan in place and choose the optimal infertility treatment.

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Infertility clinic - First consultation

The first consultation at an infertility treatment centre is an important step for anyone trying for a baby.

How to prepare for the consultation at My Clinic Riga?

dividual treatment
dividual treatment

Book a slot

Pick a date and time for your consultation.

  • Personally in the Clinic in Latvia or Klinika Bocian in Poland: Tērbatas iela 30, Rīga

dividual treatment
dividual treatment

Prepare your documents

Make sure you have your ID card or your passport with you when you register at the reception desk. It's advisable to prepare your medical records as well.

  • hospital discharge documentation,
  • laboratory and imaging tests results - if available,
  • records of illnesses, surgeries and other medical procedures,
  • information about any previous insemination and IVF treatments - if such had been already performed

There is no need to undergo any additional diagnostic test before your first consultations. The doctor will determine any necessary testing during your first consultation.

dividual treatment
dividual treatment

Take notes

We want our patients to make the most of their first consultation with our specialists. We urge you to note down all your questions beforehand. Our doctors will be happy to answer them, and they will make sure to explain everything in detail.

First consultation – what to expect?

Please arrive at the clinic 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment time in order to fill out the forms at the reception. Consultation appointment takes around 60 minutes. It has 3 essential parts:
  • Medical history
  • Pelvic and ultrasound exams
  • Recommended tests and treatment plan

All diagnostics are performed at My Clinic Riga. Some tests can be completed instantly after the consultation, and others require preparation and booking.

dividual treatment First consultation price

– the first consultation at our infertility clinic costs 55 EURO. It includes a pelvic exam, ultrasound and a thorough look at the patient's medical history, all required to plan further treatment.

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In vitro fertilisation – who is eligible?

In some cases, when there are medical indications for it, patients can at once begin insemination or in vitro fertilisation therapies. Before any such procedures of assisted conception can start, patients need to undergo virology tests in a certified lab facility located in Latvia.
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Any questions? Get in touch!

You may have questions about infertility treatment; it's completely natural. We will gladly give you more information about our consultations, screening tests and gynaecological procedures.


Contact our professional

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Medical staff

Our doctors are fully committed to our patients with their expertise, time and attention. They are world-class specialists, never shying away from difficult cases. They dig deep to find the root of the infertility problem, discuss possible treatment plans, and adjust them adequately to each individual's health and needs. Our doctors support our patients on every stage of their fertility journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I have to make an appointment on a specific day of the cycle?
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    Do I have to be with a partner during the visit?
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My Clinic Riga and Klinika Bocian

My Clinic Riga is a member of Polish Klinika Bocian Group with 15 years of experience in helping couples struggling with infertility. Klinika Bocian centres are located in Warsaw, Poznań, Katowice, Szczecin and Białystok. Our clinics in Poland and Latvia work closely together, ensuring first-class medical assistance by an international team of doctors.

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